Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fun With Cutlery

As a nice followup to my last entry, I've always been fascinated by one particular artist who always stations himself outside of the Met with jewelry and figurines made from forks. The just-too-high pricetags have stopped me thus far from purchasing any (though his collection of fork-musicians is delightful), but when I ran into someone selling spoon bracelets and rings in Union Square this morning, I decided to poke around a bit on the web. boasts an impressive collection of statuettes (the dragon is fairly amazing), with everything from penguins to dentists. The jewelry is beautiful as well, though slightly uncomfortable looking. Slightly more understated are the spoon rings that I've been seeing everywhere lately, and this DIY coin ring would be worth experimentation if only I had a dremmel. Darn.

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