Friday, July 27, 2007

New York City Photography Restrictions, Redux

To elaborate on an earlier entry, after having read the veritable tome that is the "Notice of Public Hearing and Opportunity to Comment on Proposed Rules Relating to Permits Issued by the Mayor's Office of Film, Theater, and Broadcasting," I'd like to make myself perfectly clear:

While I find it quaint that the Mayor's office wants to impose a list of approximately 80 rules, regulations, and restrictions on the movement and activity of photographers and filmmakers, I have absolutely no intention of honoring those rules. Federal law stipulates that as long as a photographer is not trespassing on private property, he or she is allowed to take photos of whatever he can see and shoot from where he stands. This "Notice" is attempting to restrict what are, in essence, first amendment rights (If the KKK can legally parade through the streets, I can photograph them. Simple as that.), and I'm having none of it.

This is not to say that I have never trespassed on private property or never circumvented conventional authority as a photographer (though if you want those stories, you'll have to ask); but that's a risk I recognize and am willing to take. I am not, on the other hand, willing to be told that I cannot photograph my own city from its very public sidewalks.

For more information, check out PictureNY.

Monday, July 23, 2007

The 1 Train Scores Highest in the "State of the Subways" Report

Well, I could have told you that.

(And a Tolkien reference too! How appropos.)

Why You Can't Always Trust Wikipedia

Ignoring for the moment why I was looking at Lil Wayne's Wikipedia page in the first place (it's work-related, I swear!), the following recent edit is both a stunning example of the speed at which publicly edited databases can be updated and the horrible, horrible accidents that are produced in the wake of such efficiency.

Mmm, maraujana.

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