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Yes, I realize that I'm 18 strangers short. Will fix, as soon as my life becomes more sane. (Oh, who am I kidding--?)

Stranger 168

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Stranger 160

Whatever Pays the Bills, Right?

I am some combination of amused, horrified, and disturbed that the photographer who so thoroughly captured a bawling Paris Hilton as she was carted back to jail two days ago took the above photograph of a naked Vietnamese girl running away from a napalm blast exactly 35 years prior.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Stranger 159

Pre-Fab At Its Best

I first fell in love with shipping containers as an architectural medium when I saw Shigeru Ban's Nomadic Museum for the Ashes and Snow exhibit in Santa Monica, and I think these Container Cities are just fantastic. Modular and pre-fabricated -- maybe New Orleans residents should look into buying some...

(Thanks, Inhabitat.)

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Stranger 155


To anyone who reads this blog using an RSS feed, you might want to remove The One Train for a day or two. I'm in the process of migrating my entire DSVR server and will probably need to edit around ~150 blog posts, which are all going to come up in your readers...

And It's Up!

Typographically Generated Images

R/GA creative director Gui Borchert developed an application to render images using type. If only I could get a copy...


1. A collaborative group project called This Day in Type invites readers to illustrate a date and send in their images.

2. British graffiti artist Banksy put a video of himself installing his art throughout the Met up on his website. Amazing!

3. Well I know where I'm buying cooking ingredients from now on...

4. The ultimate Logo Design Guide has hundreds of links to typography sites, color matching directories, and logo libraries.

5. A blog, very succinctly entitled Passive-aggressive Notes From Roommates, Neighbors, Coworkers and Strangers, posts just that.

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