Friday, October 13, 2006

Pirate Riddles for Sophisticates

This has been circulating on the 'net for a while, but it's an old favorite of mine and McSweeney's doesn't get nearly enough play.

Q: What's a pirate's favorite aspect of computational linguistics?
A: PARRRsing sentences.

Q: Of which concept shared by Jungian psychology and Northrop Frye's literary theory are pirates especially fond?
A: ARRRchetype.

Q: Who's a pirate's favorite member of the creative team behind "32 Short Films About Glenn Gould"?
A: Don McKellARRR.

Q: Of all of Richard Harris's many achievements in the performing arts, which is a pirate's favorite?
A: "MacARRRthur PARRRk."

Q: What's a pirate's favorite alliance-creating diplomatic agreement from the Second World War?
A: The TripARRRtite Pact.

More tongue-in-cheek silliness here.

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erica said...


Only total nerds like us would find this funny.