Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Yes, I Have A Kitchenware Fetish

Reason #7624 why I adore Williams Sonoma:

Hot chocolate, with its rich taste and alluring aroma, is a wintertime treat like no other. This ceramic pot from Bonjour makes it easy to prepare the classic drink using a microwave oven. The pot comes with an automatic frother that whips hot milk and shaved chocolate into a creamy, decadent homemade treat in minutes. Just fill the ceramic pot with milk, heat it in the microwave and add chocolate syrup, shavings, chips or powdered cocoa. Then set the lid in place, insert the frother and mix to perfection!


erica said...

Or you could buy a box of Swiss Miss and nuke some water in the microwave. Just sayin'.

(Yes, I am a barbarian when it comes to food.)

Ryan Biesemeyer said...

the funny thing? I was in the Williams Sonoma in San Francisco on the day you posted that. They were having a cooking class in their third floor kitchen and the food was amazing.

Rene Mar said...

yah with just the look you can tell that is a amazing food.Kitchenware