Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Generally speaking, I have a strong aversion to Hollywood-bastardized cinematic retellings of the ancient classics. Mention Troy, for instance, and I will launch into a 30-minute tirade on why Brad Pitt should have died minutes into the film, how a 10 year war cannot possibly last for two weeks, and why Paris shouldn't get his way just because he's played by Orlando Bloom (who really only looks good with long blonde hair).


As much as the movie industry alarms me when they get their hands on classical history, I am actually exceedingly excited for 300, mostly because 1. it's Frank Miller, people, and 2. I suppose since there's no conventional epic foundation anyway, there exists no story line to utterly ruin -- only historical accounts about the Battle of Thermopylae to distort, at the worst.

Watch the trailer. The graphics are stunning, although I'm slightly bothered by the typeface at the end that makes "300" look more like "ZOO."


erica said...

Uh, four things:

1) I am at the library right now (OMGWTF MIDTERMS) and in a public computer lab, so I can't watch the trailer because the sound = mute.

2) Is your lover the only person at Columbia with that name? I was at lunch today, and these girls (from NYC) next to me were like, "Ooh! So during fall break I'm going to visit [lover's name] at Columbia!" Yeah, I know that was random.

3) I killed a moth yesterday.

4) Can we talk soon? On AIM? By e-mail? I miss you. :(

Daniella said...

2. Weird. Were they from Swat?
3. :(
4. Please, let's. We're going to try to come to Philly for fall break, I think.

erica said...

Yeah, they were from Swat (it's kind of easy to tell who actually goes here...hello, 1400 students?). But I suppose he doesn't have an entirely uncommon name, so they were probably talking about someone else. It's not like his name is...I dunno, "brolga"?

I thought you said you couldn't come to Philly...? You tease. But yes, that would awesome! Let me know.