Tuesday, May 15, 2007


1. The International Contemporary Furniture Fair at the Jacob Javits Convention Center next week should be absolutely glorious. (And, particularly given my recent obsession with chairs, an endless source of sketching inspiration.)

2. A new Australian-based publication called Open Manifesto is taking a critical approach to writing about design and visual communication. Their most recent issue simply asks "What is graphic design?" and features answers from artists, professors, and writers from around the world.

3. For any Pentax users, their 40mm prime "pancake" lens (only 0.6 inches long!) is one of the most beautiful little bits of photographic elegance that I've ever seen.

4. Admittedly, given the amount of time I spend blogging I can't exactly fault anyone for having too much time on his or her hands, but seriously, this is just ridiculous.

5. I recently wanted to point a friend in the direction of one of my favorite books of all time -- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's Le Petit Prince -- and found a wonderful Flash site that provides side-by-side German, English, and French versions of the text. (And this site cataloging images of the book's various covers is a good browse as well.)

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