Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lions & Tigers & Bears, &c.

Brazilian graphic designer, typographer, artist, and children's book author Roberto De Vicq De Cumptich has a beautiful website up called Bembo's Zoo, an animated flash accompaniment to his children's picture book of the same name. The premise of the zoo, naturally, is that all of its animals are composed of letters from the classic Bembo typeface (which Stephen Heller explicated enthusiastically and geek-ily in an NYTimes book review, saying that "You do not have to be a type maven to enjoy the conceit of Bembo's Zoo. But it would not be surprising if, after you spend some time with the book, Bembo becomes your favorite typeface."). It's a beautiful little site (the dragon and the turtle are my two favorites, personally), for the typography geeks in all of us.

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sofia serrano said...

yo, i like the new header