Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Helvetica at MoMA!

Wait, how did I not know that the MoMA is running a year-long exhibit on Helvetica in honor of its 50th anniversary?! Amazing. I'm going as soon as I get back to the city.

(In related news, Slate has an interview with various writers discussing their favorite fonts. I never knew courier was so popular!)


achilles3 said...

That is the coooooolest nerd MOMA news ever! Thanks for the heads up.

I'm annoyed that so many dig on courier...i don't know why that gets to me. But it does.

Helvetica forever courier never:-)

Ian Corey-Boulet said...

dani, even the spec was on this one.


you mean you don't read our *PEERLESS* A&E coverage? shocker.

Anonymous said...

shame you left out the letter R