Tuesday, March 27, 2007


1. From ComputerWorld's 20 Must-Have Firefox Extensions, "Measurelt" allows you to take an exact pixel measurement of anything on your screen. My other favorite, ColorZilla, provides you with a handy little dropper when you want an RGB reading of something showing up in your browser.

2. For anyone who desperately misses college (or even for those college students who are interested in what other universities are up to), LectureFox posts an entertainingly eclectic stream of lectures from universities and colleges around the world on a regular basis. Recent selections include "Understanding Computers and the Internet" from Harvard, "Buddhist Psychology" from UC Berkeley, and "Physics of Rock Climbing" from MIT.

3. I've long thought that New York City's fire escapes were one of its more striking architectural features, so I was happy to see Gothamist post about Greg Martin's Fireladders of SoHo project.

4. SO nerdy!

5. And speaking of jewelry, Etsy is a wonderful site where various artisans can sell their work (and it's really reasonable, too). Last week I discovered a small bead story on Fifth Ave. and was inspired to get back into jewelry-making -- maybe I'll try selling a few pieces and see what happens...

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