Thursday, March 15, 2007

GoogleMaps: Stuck in 2006?

Naively, I'd always assumed that GoogleMaps' satellite images were live -- magically projected at frequent intervals from some great spaceship in the sky down to my computer. Or, at the very least, I would guess that Google updated their maps every month. But every 1.5 years?!

I just checked out Google's images of the Lower Ninth Ward to verify the addresses of some of the images I'm uploading to Flickr, and was puzzled to discover a picturesque snapshot of typical suburbia -- not exactly the wasteland I was anticipating. I'm not sure when the above image was taken -- of Tupelo Street near where it intersects with Florida Avenue (and very near where the levees broke) -- but those trees and rooftops certainly haven't been around for a good 19 months. What!

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sofia serrano said...

i think your standards are just too high.