Monday, March 19, 2007

Because I Am So Involved in Men's Fashion

Every once in a while sends me a cheery self-promotional e-mail with "recommended" items that their computers think I would like. This week's list, however, was a little more eclectic than most. Since I've been ordering mostly design and architecture books lately, the two typography titles make sense, as does the diver's backpack. But GQ Magazine?! What!


sofia serrano said...

have i told you lately...that i love you?

also, we're going to live together next year. I AM SO EXCITED (AND RELIEVED).

Luwalira said...

It's all right if you are into men's fashion. I for example am I guy and love men's fashion but have a great interest in women's fashion.

Anonymous said...

Amazon is weird. I was looking into holistic foods raw foods etc and they sent me a similiar email but the product was mens underwear brand called "artificial flavor" (