Thursday, November 09, 2006


I came upon Matthew Tung's artwork while poking around Flickr... he has some lovely drypoint etchings and sketches up on his website. They're very moody and delicate -- definitely worth a look.


Matthew said...

Hey I just came across your post about my work when poking around on my site's stats. Thanks for the kind words and the nod. Much appreciated.

RVC said...

I also think your work is amazing.....I was directed to this by typing in a Google search the following (Expensive Etchings) ha! I am currently trying to find anyone who gives a damn about helping me to legitimize a previously (can't find it anywhere) uknown Rembrandt etch. *thats right* lol Think of this in 400 years, when you have lost everything and you went bankrupt, and your grave is not as you thought it should be?!?! Someone will "rescue you". Good luck with your awesome skills.