Monday, November 20, 2006


As someone who a) lives in a 140 square foot room and b) has something of an unfortunate knack for killing flora, these miniature herb and plant kits are a beautiful little experiment in indoor gardening.

Egglings, from Elsewares, are small ceramic eggs filled with soil and seeds (thyme, flox, basil, or mint). Crack the egg's tip open, lightly water, and watch the seeds grow. (Window Box offers the identical product with flower seeds instead of herbs, in addition to a "Jumbo" eggling.)

Eco-Herbs from Branch are similar, but instead are packaged in biodegradable paper cups so that the entire plant--cup and all--can be dropped into your herb garden outside when the weather warms up.

Urban Outfitter's Micro Terrarium is a beautiful self-contained ecosystem--choices include cacti, a venus flytrap, and various flowering plants.