Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Really, there's nothing else to say about the iPhone. In addition to the obvious cellular capabilities, it doubles as an iPod, runs the current Mac operating system, has a 3.5 inch display with a resolution of 320 x 480 (160 ppi!) that can be turned sideways for e-mail and general web use, has a 2 MP camera, and is, well ... amazing.

But is it worth $500?

Let's reconstruct what gadgets would be required to perform a similar set of functions:

Blackberry 7130C - $199
E-mailing, web browsing, calendar, and contacts just like the iPhone -- except the iPhone runs Safari and loads the full (scrollable & zoomable) website, instead of a trimmed down alternative.

4GB iPod Mini - $199
Same amount of storage -- except the iPhone really acts as a video iPod.

Nokia 3250 2MP Camera Phone - $219

...I'll let you decide for yourself.

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Joey said...

Aside from looking very sexy, I'm afraid I might never get one :\

1. It's not extensible by third parties, only Apple. The means at the moment no RSS readers, no Slingplayers.

2. There is no support for Microsoft Office attachments.

3. Not clear how well Exchange will work with calendar and contacts

4. No 3G support. (WiFi makes up for this in some ways.)


I don't see the point of having a powerful phone, and not be able to load things onto it or use the storage and processing brute to run stuff :\