Thursday, January 04, 2007

Orange County = ASIAN PEOPLE

Gothamist recently mentioned that the writer/producer of recently-killed TV show The OC is ready to launch a new series called Gossip Girl, which "centers on the titular anonymous blogger who gives the scoop about the rich and spoiled teenagers living in New York's Upper East Side. Her focus shifts among the many teens who live only for drugs, alcohol, glamour, partying, backstabbing and lots of sex."

Good grief.

In other OC-related news (never thought you'd hear that phrase out of me, eh?), Gothamist sister-site LAist joined me in my long-time gripe over the show's premise:
Certainly to many non-Southern Californians, "The OC" was the first exposure to life behind the orange curtain. For us native-Orange Countians, it meant needless inquiries from out-of-town friends asking whether my life was really as cushy as Ryan Atwood or Marissa Cooper. And with MTV's "Laguna Beach" reinforcing the suburban image laid out by "The OC", it seems my childhood was solely comprised of beautiful beaches, hot girls, ridiculous parties, and tricked out rides. Sweet!

Now if the CW would just greenlight that pilot about Little Saigon, then I could get some street cred back. Welcome to the OC bitch! This is how we do it in Orange County!


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Christopher Nguyen said...

wait..hold on, there's a pilot about Little Saigon?