Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Insert Hamlet Quote Here

I dreamt last night that I was carrying my external hard drive down a flight of stairs and tripped -- sending the box of metal and its assorted cables flying across the room until it smashed into the opposite wall.

I'm not sure what that says about my subconscious and my general mental state, but it's probably nothing complimentary.


e. said...

I dreamt last night that I somehow forgot to take two of my finals. One was going to be given to me the next day by a generous professor. I couldn't quite remember when the other one took place/when the make-up was.

erica said...

I find it slightly sad, yet also strangely endearing, that you dreamt about your external hard drive. I mean, come on. DORK!

nicholas said...

hahaha weird, I actually had the same dream as "e" above, except things turned out sourly.

I also dreamt that I had studio at a tibetan monastery, which was pretty weird and interesting... lol... we all worked on the floor of this giant room, on rugs instead of tables.

god, GET OUT OF MY HEAD COLUMBIA *swings fists in the air*