Sunday, August 27, 2006

Spitzer for Governor

The New York Times endorses Eliot Spitzer for NY Governor.

(Who wouldn't?)

Eliot Spitzer stands so tall this election season that some New Yorkers might be excused for thinking he is governor already ... The attorney general is running for governor with a national prestige and statewide popularity that could give him extraordinary power to impose change on the backward and recalcitrant State Legislature. Mario Cuomo and George Pataki both came into office with the intention of being a reformer in some important way, but neither man arrived with the independent political strength that Mr. Spitzer could bring to the job.

It's a thoughtful side-by-side, and it's refreshing to hear that -- for once -- voters are choosing between two good candidates and not trying to figure out which is the least noxious.

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