Sunday, August 27, 2006

Site Update

I'm in the middle of completely redesigning my photo website, so take a look and let me know what you think of the layout. The old one was horribly confusing and convoluted; I'm trying to make this one cleaner. Some of the pages haven't been uploaded yet, but the general idea is there.


Shira said...

Personally, I would rather not scroll down quite as much while viewing the galleries. Perhaps you could make rows of 4 rather than two? I guess that could be a little visually overwhelming, but it depends on what you're going for.

Anyway, that's my take. Generally, it looks great.

Shira said...

Oh, also, some of the pictures might benefit from some explanation. I'm thinking of the photojournalism section specifically, but also some of the Viet Nam pictures &c. Again, it's kind of a matter of taste - I just know that some viewers might not have the background to figure out the context from the URL.

I feel bad giving you all of this criticism! Really, I love it!

not again... said...


That picture of Taylor smoking is awesome. In a dually hilarious and "that's quality photojournalism" way.

Ryan Biesemeyer said...

I've got a flash script for phot galleries that works quite well and is really configurable. I've not gotten to use it yet, but I'd be glad to get you set up with it.

That said, I'm not the biggest fan of white space, but you seem to make it work well for you. Your layout is clean and simple, which I like, but is lacking proper navigation on pages other than your index.

Bug me as much as you wish.


Anonymous said...

needs some

img { border:0px }

Sommer said...

looks cool to me. No criticism here, because i most likely wouldn't know what I'm talking about =0)