Thursday, August 02, 2007

Dear Beverage Purveyors,

Is it impossible to just order a medium coffee, or a small chai, or a large shake anymore? I don't want a "tall" Starbucks frappuccino or a "power" Jamba Juice smoothie, damnit. What does that mean, anyway, 'tall'?! And why would you choose to categorize liquid by height, anyway? What if I feel like 'Brazilian model' or 'legal midget'? I want corporations to use normal English, and I refuse to conform to your ridiculous Newspeak naming conventions. So there.

The One Train

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Miss S said...

I love how the Dunkin' Donuts commercial was all about that, yet when you go to Dunkin Donuts, its the exact same, as you said, Newspeak, deal. I don't particularly care about the words themselves (after all, its just a clever marketing matter of making a person feel 'in'
to know the vocabulary), but the hypocrisy of Dunkin' Donuts does annoy me.

Miss S