Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thank Goodness for the iBook G4

Why Apple Might Have Been Better Off Sticking to Their Own Processors, or, Cooking With Your New MacBook 101.


HoanKiem said...

The new MacBook/Pro is actually much faster/power miserly than the G4. It sips juice compared to the G4, yet performs at least 2x better (don't believe Stevo's 4x!!!!!111! faster!!!11!).

The REAL problem is that there are too many people in Macdom who complain about scratches, noise, and aesthetics.

I feel that the good engieers at ASUSTek (No one thinks Apple actually makes/designs their own stuff, right!) tried to compromise by setting the fans to run on super slow by default, which contributes to the high heat problem but great reduces noise. Another people is that Apple is smart, and they put clear plastic to cover the top vents on the MacBook/Pro, and those vents are necessary for proper venting of hot stuff. The last problem is that a lot of forums (and my personal hands on experience) verified that Apple has no idea how to put together a computer. The thermal conducting grease that is supposed to be sandwiched between the CPU, and Heatpipe is just a huge ole blob (you can check the AppleCare manual to verify this insaneness). Proper application is by a flat plastic tool or folded paper, and a very small amount of thermal grease is spread evently aross the CPU (I'd say about 1mm-1.5mm of the stuff). Apple is putting a huge blob when you should be putting a pea's worth, and they're expecting the heatsink to squish the thermal grease out (which might work medicorely in a desktop situation where the heatsink is quite bigger and heavier, but a laptop heatsink/heatpipe is very lightweight and small.).

It's Apple's fault, no one else's. :)

That being said. I'd still get a MacBook.. but not until version 2.0 comes out next year with the updated Intel processors.

rrrrrrobin said...

I miss you a bit.

So I definitely have a shiny new Macbook, and while it gets a little bit warm with regular use, it's doesn't get anywhere near as hot as my old (darling) Titanium Powerbook did. The problems that people have been complaining about have been fixed, and any future problems, should they occur, will be fixed. For free.

Also, it's so so so pretty. Isn't that supposed to count for something in this world?