Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dear Whoever Is Signing On To My Gmail Account,

Password's been changed, you @$%&*#!.



Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I can't help myself. Your password of "KrispyCremesForever" was too easy to guess.


Anonymous said...

Proud to say that I am the one who caught the intruder red-handed.


HoanKiem said...

Harder to guess password? :D

Mine are always almost 20 characters long filled with strange ASCII stuff.

Brute force that, sucka hax0rs!!

Ryan Biesemeyer said...

i love you and your letters to those who bug you. so cute. I'm guessing we won't get any more installments of tyour waitressing series anytime soon, eh?

Have a wonderful day Dani


PS. My site is now 90% working. almost have my blogger template built so it matches my site exactly. Coding by hand is fun. Woo =)

erica said...

It was me! I wanted to send love letters to myself so I could tell everyone, "DANIELLA ZALCMAN LOOOOOOOOVES ME!"