Monday, April 10, 2006


I'm back to selling photos (read: I'm poor and want to buy a new camera before I go to Viet Nam). Matted 5x7 & 6x8 prints are $15, 8x10's are $25, and 10x12's are coming soon (e-mail for more information). One weekend fairly soon Francis and I are going to head to Central Park and set up a table.

In other news, photo posts are delayed because my hard drive is completely full. Will commence as soon as my external HD arrives and I can actually upload photos off of my flash cards.


Erica said...

Well, I'm probably going to be luving in a very nice (and big) suite next year and I'll need some nice wall hangings...*wink*

Although I don't know how I would send you payment, since I am currently credit card-less.

Erica said...

Good god. That's the worst typo EVER! "luving"...HAHAHAHAHA.

Christopher Nguyen said...

UURRRRG. Set up another table in May so I can stop by and annoy.

Greg Dyer said...

I might be interested in buying a couple and would pay for shipping. Are only certain photos available, or could I request anything that you've posted? If there is a limited selection, is there any way I could view it (without going to new york)?

mira said...

I'm going to be in New York for my spring break (this weekend and the next week). If I see your table in Central Park or at Columbia on Tuesday, I'll buy a photo or two.