Saturday, September 27, 2008

Help A College Student!

Hi All,

I'm in an architecture seminar focused on product sustainability and recycling paths, and I need your help. I've been gathering data on recycling legislation and regulations in a dozen or so countries around the world for a comprehensive Flash website -- which is surprisingly fascinating in and of itself -- but I'd like to collect some graphical data as well.

This is where you come in! I'm looking to enlist ~20 people or so to help me with a visual comparison of just how much recycled material a two- or three-person family generates every week. I promise it won't take much time -- I'd just ask that you photograph the contents of your recycling bin once a week just before it's collected in a neat, well-lit (and creative, if you wish) fashion and send it to me with a list of the items being recycled. This is due in late October, so it would probably only be for a three- or four-week period.

These are the cities/countries/regions I'm especially looking for:
[EDIT: I'm updating this list as I find volunteers.]
South Africa
New Zealand

If you are interested in participating and you don't fit into any of the above, please still comment -- I'm interested in any and all regions with developed/burgeoning recycling programs and the more the better.

This will manifest itself as a Flash website that will go live by November or so, and of course all of you will be duly credited. So, if you think you might want to participate, please comment with the following:

1. Where you live.
2. How many in your household (I think I'm looking for people in 3-person households, but if there's an overwhelming majority of 2-person or 4-person responses then we'll go with that).
3. A (very!) brief summary of your area's recycling program (I'm assuming most are weekly, but if they're biweekly or have other little quirks let me know).
4. Your e-mail (if you don't want to post this, just send me an e-mail at dani[@] with the subject "Research Project").

Also, feel free to forward this to any vaguely relevant photography/sustainability/recycling-related message boards/blogs, or any photographically-inclined overseas friends.

Thanks so much! Looking forward to your responses.



Anonymous said...

Hi, Daniella
I'm Sao, living in Japan, and my friend Andrei let me know about your project.
I'm very interested in your project and would like to participate your project.
My info are ...

1. Where you live.
-Takayama Gifu which is located in center of Japan

2. How many in your household
- 3-person households

3. A (very!) brief summary of your area's recycling program
-It's weekly and the recycling garbages are separated below.
a.Aluminum can
b.Steel can
c.Achromic bottle
d.Brown colored-bottle
e.The other bottles
f.Plastic bottle
g.Plastic (Marked "Pla")
h.Paper (Marked "Kami (means "Paper" in Japanese)

4. Your e-mail

Megan said...

Do the bolded cities mean you've already found someone? If not, I'll be your DC person! I live in a 2-person household with a fanatic recycler.

moritz said...

hi daniella,

as promised here's this week's pictures (in fact future pictures will appear in the same album). my info:

1. rotterdam, the netherlands
2. single person household
3. paper, glass, both in containers spread over the city
4. email is known to you :)


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