Monday, December 24, 2007


(Yeah, I know, it's been a while.)

1. Tired of boring old graham cracker gingerbread houses? Join Bake for a Change's sustainable gingerbread house design contest! According to the website, "It's up to you whether you emphasize using rainwater for toilet water or install candy glass skylights ... Everything must be edible." Marshmallow rain barrels, anyone? (Hat tip, Inhabitat.

2. This is possibly the biggest time waster I've ever come across online -- at least for those of us who spent our childhood building elaborate cities out of Legos.

3. I have yet to play with Splashup, but I'm pretty positive that online photo editing is going to eventually revolutionize postprocessing and give Adobe a run for its money. Flickr also just added an editing feature which I've toyed with -- it's a marked improvement over having to re-upload images after realizing that your miniature poodle's red eye makes her look vaguely satanic.

4. The prettiest teapot I've ever seen.

5. I know these are fairly old, but I'm greatly entertained by Irina Blok's stunning diamond necklace.

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erica said...

I was in a class my freshman year with the designer of the teapot. No joke. I remember being intimidated by him because he was a senior!