Friday, September 21, 2007

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Not only does the illustrious President of Iran have a blog (with a handy English translation for those of you who can't read Farsi) -- but it also sports a fully customizable color palette. Hilarious.

(For those of you who are woefully behind the times, Ahmadinejad will in fact speak at Columbia on Monday, and I will be stationed feet away with the biggest lens I can get my hands on.)


Anonymous said...

Hey Daniella...I'll be in town on Oct. 15/16 for the Lucie Awards. Would you be able to let me crash on your couch for one or two nights?


Kevin Schwartz said...

Dear Dani,

How are you? I miss hearing from you. I know we parted on bad terms, but we had SOME good times along the way, right?

Alvin / citizenwind has been harassing me in your name for ... I dunno ... years now. Now he's verging on blackmail-type tactics, saying he has stuff you've saved to use against me. He also says you are "watching," that you endorse his behavior.

I find that hard to believe. That doesn't sound at all like the Dani I knew. I would be grateful to hear YOUR side of this mess, without the intervention and interference of Alvin.

I hope you are well.


? once and future friend ?

PS: My e-mail address is "kv schwartz @ AOL (dot) com" (no spaces)